Uplift Eye Serum by Younique – Review

Formulated to moisturize, reduce wrinkles, and replenish the skin around your eyes, Uplift Eye Serum is a Younique product that will help you wake up with healthy, youthful eyes. Younique’s philosophy is to develop fully natural, healthy, and pure cosmetics without fillers or synthetic ingredients. The company utilizes specific scientific processes to make sure their products have only high quality ingredients that will maximize your skin’s vitality. Here’s our review of Younique’s Uplift Eye Serum.

Uplift Eye Serum by Younique: Reversing Time?

How to Apply
The serum is quite easy to use. All you need to do is dab a few drops on your fingers and apply it gently beneath the eyes and on any crows feet that might have appeared. Even if you have sensitive skin or eczema around your eyes, this product is safe to use and not harsh or difficult on the eyes. The ingredients are Vitamin E, vitamin C, Squalane, Iris Pallida Leaf Cell, and CoQ10. A substance similar to vitamins that is fond naturally in the body’s cells, CoQ10 is used for natural cell growth and functions primarily as a way for the body to defend itself from harmful molecules. You can find it in beef, soy, and peanuts, as well as a number of other foods. It is also found in the US in supplement form.

Vitamins to Protect and Heal Skin Naturally
The body naturally produces CoQ10, vitamin E, and vitamin C. However, as the natural aging process occurs, these elements — which are critical for healthy, fresh skin — start to be produced in smaller amounts. Younique adds fully natural ingredients such as vitamin E and vitamin C to fight free radicals and sun exposure. another important ingredient in the formula is known as squalane, which adds natural moisture directly to the skin’s surface.

This serum is a scientific blend that has been ophthalmologist tested and proven safe for use around the eyes. Uplift Eye Serum matches the natural pH acidity of tears — and being fragrance free, will not cause irritation or leave a bad smell. If you use this serum daily, you’ll like notice that fine lines and wrinkles are greatly reduced.

User Feedback on Younique’s Uplift Eye Serum
Users have reported that wrinkles appear smaller and less noticeable when using the product daily. It is meant to be used specifically around the area of the eye, and unlike a facial moisturizer, customers haven’t reported any stinging or watering. Most moisturizers are made far too heavy for the eye area, but this serum has fully positive reviews for preventing wrinkles and causing only a light, refreshing sensation upon application. Some younger users reported that using this cream over a period of years starting in their 30s actually made them look younger once they reached their 40s.

A Surefire Way to Hear Positive Feedback from Friends and Family
Using Younique’s serum, you’ll start to receive compliments from friends and family, who will want to know your secret. Choosing a good eye serum is critical to keep your eyes healthy and youthful for years, and finding a serum such as Younique’s blend, which is FDA approved, will ensure that your eyes stay in great shape. One user reported she started on eye creams at an early age and that it was very important to use these products to prevent aging. However, eye creams tend to be gooey, and she loves that the eye serum is not at all gooey or wet.

No Smell, Stickiness, or Residue
The Uplift eye serum uses a small dropper to apply and doesn’t have any smell, stickiness, or residue and simply absorbs quickly into the skin. This user said she would recommend Uplift 100% due to its affordable price, lack of residue, and refreshing, natural ingredients.

Younique’s products are certified by the NIRC or National Ingredient Resource Center, which certifies products as being all-natural if they contain at least 95% of non synthetic ingredients. You’ll receive a vitamin, antioxidant and plant extract-filled formula that lasts over 4 months for a low price of $65, which is very cost effective. Since the skin simply absorbs the product, you’ll notice results from the serum that last all day long.

Healthy, Beautiful Eyes for Years to Come
The great thing about this product is that it will help your self-esteem and confidence. Having healthy, strong eyes free of wrinkles is key to feeling beautiful and young. Applying Younique’s Uplift eye serum is easy, safe, and completely natural. It has been rated by some of its users as one of the best anti-aging products you can buy. It will only take a few minutes each day and won’t leave any trace — so no one will know you’ve applied anything to your skin. As a safe and natural option for beautiful eyes, Younique’s Uplift Eye Serum is highly recommended.


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