Happy Skin Care Review: Vegan Skin Care Products

Happy Skin Care provides top quality skincare products that are organic, vegan, and free of all chemicals and additives. Their products are just as effective (in fact, moreso) than many of the major brands of skincare products, including antioxidant creams, cleansers, balms, toners, and facial oils.

No matter what type of skincare product you are looking for, Happy Skin Care will be able to quickly and affordably provide you with every type of product you need.


Omega Facial Oil

The Omega Facial Oil product from Good Vibes, part of the Happy Skin Care product line, offers a pleasant and refreshing experience. Their facial oil helps to moisturize your skin and keep in clear and happy, providing a refreshing and cleansing experience.

Your skin will feel supple, soft, and fresh after usage. It’s best to use this product in conjunction with moisturizing cream to seal in the effects of the omega oil, which includes natural healthy oils and deep, fast-acting nutrients that boost collagen and skin health.

Cloud Nine Cleanser

The Cloud Nine Cleanser, one of the company’s most popular products, provides a healthy cleansing experience in a fully organic, vegan product. You’ll find that it gets rid of debris, makeup, and any other additives on your skin’s surface.

The second time you use it, it will really get a fully deep clean to eliminate all toxins and chemicals from the skin, leaving it without oil and dirt. It has a light, pleasant smell and a smooth texture, making it easy to apply and without grease or residue.

Perfecting Toner

The Happy Skin Care Perfecting Toner, titled “Tickled Pink,” is another very popular product from the company. Once you cleanse your skin with the Cloud Nine product, you’ll find you can easily spray Tickled Pink onto your skin and simply wipe it off with a towel or just leave it on.

Your skin will feel very soft and supple after usage. You can also use this spray all day long to boost your energy and freshness, and it has a mild sandalwood scent that makes it quite pleasant to use.

Antioxidant Cream

The Happy Skin Care anti-oxidant cream, also known as “Perfectly Happy,” is one of the most well-known products in the entire skincare line. If you try no other product from this company, the anti-oxidant cream should be top on your list. It is very light, and as with all the company’s products, free of additives and chemicals, being organic and vegan.

Its consistency is light and supple, and it will still get the job done as well as heavier moisturizer. Its smell is light, fresh, and gentle, keeping your skin smelling and feeling great after usage.

Happy Skin Care Customer Reviews

Many users who have sampled Happy Skin Care’s products love the fresh feel and youthful effects of their skincare line.

Instead of having to worry about the chemical-based aftereffects of other types of skincare products, or a grease, oily residue, Happy Skin Care users agree on the whole that this company provides natural, organic skincare products that leave your skin feeling healthy.

One user said she tried this company after having sampled most of the other major skincare lines. While she had to order online since the company is based in Australia and she was in the U.S., she found that it was worth the wait and slight extra cost.

She loved their products and stocked up for the future, finding that no other company could rival Happy Skin Care in terms of scent, moisturizing power, and beneficial skin effects. She now travels everywhere feeling confident and healthy thanks to her fresh and healthy new skin, recommending the company for anyone seeking natural, organic, vegan skincare products.

Another user, just out of college, found that she had an excellent experience with Happy Skin Care’s products. She especially loved the anti-oxidant cream and toner, deciding that these two products alone were enough for her to keep a fresh, smiling face every day.


If you’re seeking the best quality organic, vegan skincare products available, you can simply order from Happy Skin Care’s website and have them shipped straight to your doorstep. The company is helpful, friendly, and backed by a commitment to excellent customer service.

They’ll help if you have questions, and are happy to explain exactly what goes in to every single one of their skincare products.


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