Review of Exposed Skin Care Products

Exposed Skin Care Review

Exposed Skin Care offers a number of solutions for those seeking natural, holistic treatments based on real scientific studies. They offer acne treatments, facial cleansing kits, and a number of other powerful skin care products to assist you in looking young, beautiful, and clear.

How Exposed Skin Care Treatments Work

This product works through two main functions: first, it clears and nourishes your skin, and secondly, it controls acne and other skin problems. It does this by cleansing, toning and repairing the skin. The line of skin care treatments includes a toner, cleanser, day and night serum, probiotic, clarifying agent, moisturizing agent, microdermabrasion cloth, and an exfoliator for pure skin and clear, shiny facial tone.


Most products from the company’s line contain a number of valuable ingredients which are proven to help in creating clear, healthy skin. These include aloe vera, passion flower, and green tea.

Green tea has recently been shown to mimic the effects of benzoyl peroxide, which is another important skin cleanser, but green tea is holistic and natural. It helps in killing off bacteria which harm the skin by creating more blemishes and pimples, resulting in unpleasant acne.

Passion flower also works for fighting skin inflammation and redness. It helps in the overall prevention of acne and other problems faced by irritated skin.

Aloe vera is another important ingredient included int his formal, helping to reduce redness and inflammation and create an appearance of clearer, fresher skin.

Science and Claims

Exposed Skin Care products use special salicylic acid treatments which help to remove cells from the skin’s surface that are dead or harmful. This leaves your skin fresh and clear, unblocking your pores and absorbing helpful chemical agents directly into the skin.

Another part of the science behind Exposed includes glycol acid, which functions at the lowest layer of the skin, getting deeper than other products are able to. This is a great treatment factor for acne or severe skin problems.

User Reviews and Feedback

Those who have sampled Exposed Skin Care’s treatment products find that the company is extremely helpful. One user doesn’t usually like to try skin care products, finding them too much of a hassle. But after she tried out Exposed, she found that her skin immediately started clearing up, her zits quickly disappearing. In five to six months, she found her skin returning to its normal natural state. Another user found that she often saw big cysts and pimples occurring on her skin, but after starting this product, she got smoother skin tone and better skin overall.

One user, a male age 45, found that his wife used the products and then suggested he try them out to get rid of redness and irritation from overly oily skin. He found that his acne went way down. Even though he wasn’t the typical demographic targeted by this product, he still used to combat skin redness and inflammation, and found it less expensive than other treatment options.

Other Exposed Products

Exposed Skin Care also includes a facial cleanser, clearing tonic, clear pore serum, clarifying mask, and microderm scrub, among others. All these products are completely natural, helping to do things such as exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, promote cell growth and renewal, get rid of impurities, disinfect the skin, and more.

The moisture complex is one product that is highly sought after by customers sampling Exposed’s line of skin care products. Using a basic gel composition, this product locks moisture in, helping to protect skin against external inflammatory agents. It is light and gentle, not leaving a greasy feeling on the skin at all.

The microderm scrub, which comes with a separate microdermabrasion kit, hells to remove dead skin and exfoliate. It will also help clear marks, scars, and other skin blemishes. It is helpful in soothing the skin with the use of chamomile and barbadensis leaf extract.


If you’re seeking holistic, gentle, natural remedies for skin blemishes and problems, Exposed Skin Care’s product line is one of the best choices available. Featuring inexpensive, powerful treatments that you can order in as much quantity as you like, this line of skin care ointments is highly reviewed by users, who find it to be effective with no side effects. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, it is 100% risk free, offering a simple refund policy.

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